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Welcome to our classroom website! GRADE 3, MS. ABEYSEKERA, CLASS 104, 2018-2019.



-PARENT ONLINE ACCESS INSTRUCTIONS to textbooks/video/other: Go Math/Reading Wonders/AR/I-Ready/Fusion Science




None as yet.



-Spelling and Vocabulary Tests -some weeks this will be based all on the Reading Wonders Workshop book, other weeks it will be based all on Spelling City.

  •   On Reading Wonders weeks-Reading Wonders Spelling Assignment is given on Tuesday, the assignment is DUE ON FRIDAY, and the spelling test is on the following Monday.
  •   On Spelling City weeks- Spelling City words are given on Tuesday, studied as homework over the week, and the spelling test is on the following Monday.


-Timed Test on addition or subtraction or multiplication

-If it is a Reading Wonders week, there is an end of unit comprehension test and vocabulary quiz.

 If it is a Spelling City week then there is no Friday test.




This is a FREE service to recycle your electronic waste. If you do it yourself, the county landfill will charge by weight.


We will be collecting e-waste every Tuesdays (unless announced of cancellation) in the Faculty Parking lot from 8:45 AM – 9:30 AM.

We only accept the following items for e-waste:

Scanners, printers, computers, laptops, tablets, power cords, cables, rechargeable batteries, video game consoles, VCRs/DVD/CD players, cell phones (remove your SIM card!), keyboards, fax machines, electronic toys.


NO APPLIANCES, SINGLE-USE BATTERIES, LIGHTBULBS, TVs or COMPUTER MONITORS. The landfill will not accept these items – we will be charged $. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THESE FOR US TO DISPOSE FOR YOU as it becomes an inconvenience to those that are volunteering their valuable time and effort. We surely do not want our program to end due to non-compliance of the E-waste Program. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


You may leave TVs and computer monitors on your home curbside on your trash pick-up days.


Suggestions for working/still useable items:

  • Working computer monitors can be taken to UpTech Computers on Gulf Gate Drive.
  • Working TVs can be dropped off at any thrift shop or ReStore (Habitat for Humanity).
  • Single-use batteries can be dropped off at Batteries Plus or D&G Hardware (Ace Stores).
  • Lightbulbs can be dropped off at Lowes or Home Depot, especially if they are CFLs or fluorescent bulbs.





ANIMAL FORM IS DUE - Monday, October 8th

ANIMAL PRESENTATIONS - Friday, October 12th at 3pm

END OF QUARTER 1 -Monday, October 15th

CRYSTAL SPRINGS FIELD TRIP - Thursday, October 18th all day.

PROFESSIONAL DAY - Friday, October 19th

ELEMENTARY GROUP PHOTOS - Wednesday, October 24th 9:30am

PETER PAN FIELD TRIP - Wednesday, October 24th 10:15 - 12:45

IMAGINATION ROCKS - Thursday, October 25th 

SPIRIT DAY - Friday, October 26th

FALL PARADE - Wednesday, October 31st 9:30-10:00

FALL PARTY! - Wednesday, October 31st 3pm


PERAMATHON - Friday, November 9th




PV FAIR - Saturday, March 2nd


ROOM PARENTS FOR 2018-2019! - Mrs. Maria Sokol and Mrs. Scarlett Guy

Our room parents for this school year are: Mrs. Maria Sokol and Mrs. Scarlett Guy. They will be in touch with all our class parents for various events through out the year. On behalf of the children and I, thank you so much for volunteering.


WONDEROPOLIS - Set each Friday and due the following Friday.

The Wonderopolis is set on Friday and due the next Friday. It will be every week. You go to Wonderopolis.org, select any wonder, read about it, read the vocab, take a quiz, write a paragraph in your own words about what you learned, to present to the class the following Friday. Have fun. You can even type in your own wonder!

1) ANIMAL PROJECT - due 10/08/18

All students have chosen their European Animals so now parents it is your time to exercise your creative flair! After a trip to Home Depot/Lowes etc., you should have all your materials: chicken wire, plastic bottles, mesh, masking tape, whatever you want, to make the form/shape of your child's animal. Please make sure it is completely covered in masking tape before you send it to school by the due date: Monday, October 8th. If you are available to volunteer to help with the papier-mache work please let me know as we really need your help. The dates we need volunteers are:

-Monday, October 8th 9:30-10:50


Please would you make sure your child has a large, old, daddy’s shirt to wear for this, to protect their good clothes. Also, please make sure that if your child has long hair, that it is in a pony tail, clipped back out of the way of the glue.


PARENT PRESENTATION day is Friday, October 12th 3pm in class. 

Remember we do all the papier-mache and painting at school. We need you to make the animal form, and send it in with the paints and brushes. If you can volunteer for the papier-mache the more helpers the better. Thank you in advance!

2) CRYSTAL SPRINGS FIELD TRIP - Thursday, October 18th all day.

Details to follow soon. If you wish to chaperone, I have 6 places only on a first come first served basis. You must have your Level 2 PVV status to chaperone this trip. Please check in at the office to get this if you have not already done so.

Be in the class by 8:15am

We leave class at 8:20am

The bus departs 8:30am and returns at 3pm.

All students that normally arrive by bus must be driven to school that day. 

3) ELEMENTARY GROUP PHOTOS - Wednesday, October 24th 9:30am

Please make sure your child is dressed how you want them to be for their group photos, remembering that they are leaving for the Peter Pan Field Trip soon after.

4) PETER PAN FIELD TRIP - Wednesday, October 24th 10:15 - 12:45

This is the sequel story to our current read aloud story that our class is reading, 'Peter and the Starcatchers'.

5) IMAGINATION ROCKS - Thursday, October 25th

Artists are coming to class to instruct students on writing a play. This is a follow up to seeing the play, 'Peter Pan' the day before.

6) SPIRIT DAY - Friday, October 26th Beach Day.

Dress for the beach, (but still observe our dress code rules...no flip flops).

7) Doggone Read-a-thon' - our Pine View students raised over $24,000! Way to go Pine View!

8) FALL PARADE! - Wednesday, October 31st 9:30-10:00

Students to dress as a homophone or homograph or compound word.(No toy weapons are permitted). They will parade around the school. Parents are invited to wave them off at the start of the parade as they leave to tour the school. Ensure your child arrives fully dressed so they are ready for the parade. Please send a change of clothes for them when the parade is over. 

9) FALL PARTY!Wednesday, October 31st 3pm

All parents are invited to this to help out. Please contact our room moms to see what help is needed. Thank you for volunteering. 


PERAMATHON - Friday, November 9th

Save the date for Peramathon 2018, the best run of the year! This year the run will be on Friday, Nov. 9th. We are now accepting your drawing designs for the Peramathon t-shirt. There will be cash prizes for our top 3 winners and your design will be displayed on the shirt. Submit your design to the front office by September 17th. See the blue flyer that went home in the Agenda.



Letter from PVA: Save the date

This year is an exciting year for PVA and Pinnacle as we celebrate 50 years of Pine View School!  Pinnacle will be held on Saturday January 26, 2019.  One week after Pine View’s official 50th Anniversary.  This year’s event will be a Golden Anniversary theme held at Marie Selby Gardens.


Once again we would love to have as many student designed art projects on display for the evening and the silent auction.  We are looking for this year’s artwork to work with a Golden Theme or to represent 50 years of Pine View School.


Last year PVA made the commitmment to give our teachers and clubs who participate in Pinnacle 90% of what their artwork sells for at the auction.  The 10% we are holding back covers our auction and credit card fees.  This is an easy and great way to get class funds for trips and/or class supplies.


In order to help the teachers keep track of PVA events throughout the year, and to have our parents take more of a role in this,  PVA has put in place a grade liaison for each elementary grade.  This year’s reps are as follows -


2nd Grade – Julie Anderson                   3rd Grade – Alyson Treadway

4th Grade – Jennifer Cushman              5th Grade – Megan Nisberg


There will be a sign up for this Pinnacle project at Open House. Room parents to organize collection  of the art supplies from parents and to create these projects at a mutually agreed upon time. The deadline to submit a project is Thursday December 20, 2018.


We hope that you participate in helping us let our talented and artistic elementary students shine at this year’s event!  If you have any questions please email terra.layton@yourpva.org.


Thank you,

The Pinnacle Committee






At Open House we discuss:
- that the study guide for math is the Go Math student textbook lessons that are sent home every day when completed.
-you need to put these in a binder for your child to review from, for the end of chapter test. 
e.g. Chapter 1 consists of 8 lessons: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.  You would put each one in a binder AT HOME and that is your study guide.
-You can also see the student textbook lessons online in your child's Go Math! tile, in their MYSCS account online. Directions below:

MYSCS - click on this blue logo
login... n number and pin number (see the inside cover of their Agenda book)
click on each page label at the bottom of the screen until you get to the page with the Fusion Go Math! tile (the Textbooks page)
click on the Fusion Go Math! tile
click on My Library

If you do not get the 'My Library' icon you may have to do this additional step:

                                                                                                                        enter state, district (Sarasota), school, check 'Remember my school'
                                                                                                                        enter user -this is the n number...must put the n first (lowercase)
                                                                                                                        enter password- this is the pin number

4 Options:

Option 1) click Go Math! Student Edition E book G4 - to view the text book:

-view the lesson pages

-view the Mid-Chapter Checkpoint QUIZZES-these grades go in the grade book

-view the Review Tests (always taken the day before the Chapter TEST). The Review Test grades do NOT go in the grade book. The purpose of going through the 'Review Test' together, is to remind yourself of what you forgot in readiness for the Chapter TEST the next day. 

-practice with the PERSONAL MATH TRAINER-when you are on a lesson page, on the left menu select Resources, lesson level resources, Personal Math Trainer, and it will give you practice questions for that lesson. Click on the trainer's whistle and off you go.


Option 2) click on Interactive Student Edition G4 - to view the lesson videos: actual lessons step by step. This is a great way to review each lesson with your child at home quickly each day. (Perfect if you need a refresher yourself!)

At the bottom of the screen, click on the red button to access the 'Personal Math Trainer' to test your understanding. Click on the trainer's whistle and off you go. Click on the 'step by step' button if you get stuck on a question for help. THE PERSONAL MATH TRAINER IS AN EXCELLENT WAY TO REVISE FOR TESTS.



Option 3) For QUICK review
click on Go Math Animated Math Models, Gr3 or Gr4 (be sure to select the Gr3 to practice for FSA and select the Gr4 to practice for chapter tests) THE FSA WINDOW IS CURRENTLY FROM end of MARCH-end of APRIL FOR ELA AND APRIL FOR MATH. The state will be more specific with the dates nearer the time.
These are great 10 minute practices of all 50 math skills for grade 3 and 4 and each is followed by a small quiz -RECOMMENDED.

Choose the section currently being studied and enjoy.


Option 4) click on the 'Math on the Spot' videos to view a video on only one of the 'Think Smarter' questions from the math lesson for that day and see how to solve that ONE question only. These questions also have a Q reader icon next to them in the book. This icon means that you can scan it on your smart phone with a Q reader app, and see how to solve that ONE question only, on your phone. This has limited value as it is only for one of the questions in the lesson for that day.






login...N number and password

Click on Student Textbooks at bottom of page

Click on Reading Wonders tile

Click on Reading Wonders Grade 4 book COVER

Click on Resources at the top of the page

(The Agenda notes will say which Unit and Week is being studied that week and is tested on that Friday. For example, Unit 1 Week 1 would start on a Monday and would be tested on the Friday so each night students use thier book or go online at home to review the Reading Wonders lesson that day, so that they have reviewed it all by Friday. The first few lessons of the week are from the Workshop book and the last few lessons of the week are from the Literature Anthology book. The comprehension and vocabulary tests are at the end of the week, on the Friday, and the spelling test is the following Monday. )

View the Workshop book lessons: vocabulary/spelling, Shared Read, 4 mini lessons

and view the  Literature Anthology book lessons-Long Read encompassing all that was learned in the Workshop book. 

If you click the Workshop book, click the pages forward to get to the contents page. Find the Unit and Week we are studying (as noted in the Agenda). While you are looking at the contents page for the correct unit being studied that week, click on the blue title of the 'Shared Read' story. Turn pages back to view the vocabulary/spelling and forward to view the four mini lessons which are tested as part of the Friday RW Comprehension and Vocabulary Test. The 4 mini lessons are: Comprehension Strategy, Comprehension Skill, Genre, Vocabulary Strategy.

If you click on Literature Anthology, click the pages forward to get to the contents page. Find the Unit and Week we are studying (as noted in the Agenda) and click on the story title. This takes you straight to the correct page in the book. Carefully re-read this story which they are tested on, in the Friday RW Comprehension and Vocabulary Test.


SSYRA Requirements: (Sunshine State Young Readers Award)

-for every SSYRA book read with a AR test score of 70% or more,you earn a charm for a key chain or necklace.

-Read 5 SSYRA books and you are eligible to vote in the statewide balloting in the spring AND you will receive an SSYRA certificate AND be invited to our SSYRA Reader's Party. 

-For the list of SSYRA books go to:


-For the SSYRA website:




SSYRA 3-5 Resources

Scroll down

3-5 Annotated List




Note that you just hover your cursor over the list of lessons on the left side of the page in order to view another lesson other than lesson 1. Once you click the lesson you want, the words for your chosen lesson automatically pop up and you will hear each one being pronounced and defined. 



This is the site to log onto on your phone or computer to see your child's AR points etc. Please bookmark the following site:


Login as follows:

User:          nXXXXXX

- this is your child's n number. BE SURE TO USE A LOWERCASE 'n' for their n number.

Password:   XXXXX

- this is your child's pin number

Both the n# and pin# are located on the inside front cover of their Agenda.

This way you can keep a check on how your child is doing in AR!






login...N number and password

click on each page label at the bottom of the screen until you get to the page with the I-Ready icon and click on it and do a Math lesson and a Reading lesson.




Go Math Science Fusion tile (it houses the Go Math and Science Fusion)
log in with n###### and pin ##### (be sure to write the 'n' first)
My Library
Science (at the bottom of the black library tab on the left) it lights up in yellow when you hover over it
Science Fusion Student Access English Grade 3 (note we do not do grade 4 for science)
Units are listed and if you click on one of the units, the videos are listed below.
For VIDEO LESSON VIEWING: Hit the play arrow button for each video (no need to click on the items on the right unless your child is interested in them).
For TEXT BOOK VIEWING: Under the 'Unit Level Resources' tab on the right, hit the orange 'Online Student Edition'. You will see the whole unit there.




9:15 AM-9:30 AM

Prime Time and Cursive



9:30AM-10:50AM Math 80
10:50AM-11:50AM Lunch 60
11:50AM-12:10PM Story Time 20
12:10PM-12:30PM Correct Prime Time+Homework 20
12:30pm-1:15PM Reading 45
1:15PM-1:40PM Language Arts 25
1:40PM-2:00PM Vocabulary 20
2:00PM-2:55PM Specials 55
2:55PM-3:45PM Social Studies/Science 50

*First Quarter Specials:     alternate daily between PE (A-days) and Tech (B-days). FLEX group will do PE (A-days) and Music (B-Days).

*Second Quarter Specials: alternate daily between PE (A-days) and Music (B-days)..

*Third Quarter Specials:    alternate daily between PE(A-days) and Spanish (B-days)..

*Fourth Quarter Specials:  alternate daily between PE (A-days) and Art (B-days).

The first day of school is Quarter 1, A-day.

*Social Studies switches with Science. So there are only 4 weeks for a Social Studies unit and 4 weeks  a Science unit. This is why these two subjects have less grades than Math and ELA.

*Library time is every other Thursday. Children may go to the library during our Library time or with a pass from the teacher at lunch-time.

All AR tests are done either:

-in the classroom (any day)

-during our scheduled library time in the Media Center (Thursdays)

-during our scheduled i-Ready lab times (Mondays and Wednesdays). 


There are many areas to the website that I know you will find great value in. One of the best features of the new site is the ability to change my page design in an instant. My goal is to make the website not just a tool for me, as the teacher, to connect with parents, but also a learning tool and resource for the students.



PRIMARILY via your child's AGENDA BOOK!

If it is a longer message, please feel free to email me at:


Best Regards,

Ms. Mini Abeysekera, Pine View School, Grade 3, Room 104.


 3rd Grade Rocks!heart