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Welcome to my classroom website! GRADE 3, CLASS 104, 2017-2018



-PARENT ONLINE ACCESS INSTRUCTIONS to textbooks/video/other:

Go Math/Reading Wonders/AR/I-Ready/Fusion Science




SOCIAL STUDIES: US REGIONS TEST - Tuesday, February 20th



-Spelling and Vocabulary Tests -some weeks this will be based all on the Reading Wonders Workshop book, other weeks it will be based all on Spelling City.

  •   On Reading Wonders weeks-Reading Wonders Spelling Assignment is given on Tuesday, the assignment is DUE ON FRIDAY, and the spelling test is on the following Monday.
  •   On Spelling City weeks- Spelling City words are given on Tuesday, studied as homework over the week, and the spelling test is on the following Monday.


-Timed Test on addition or subtraction or multiplication

-Reading Wonders end of unit comprehension test and vocabulary quiz

  • (only on the weeks where the spelling is based on Reading Wonders). So if the spelling is based on Spelling City then there is no Reading Wonders test on the Friday.             




This is a FREE service to recycle your electronic waste. If you do it yourself, the county landfill will charge by weight.


We will be collecting e-waste every Tuesdays (unless announced of cancellation) in the Faculty Parking lot from 8:45 AM – 9:30 AM.

                      We only accept the following items for e-waste:

Scanners, printers, computers, laptops, tablets, power cords, cables, rechargeable batteries, video game consoles, VCRs/DVD/CD players, cell phones (remove your SIM card!), keyboards, scanners, fax machines, electronic toys


NO APPLIANCES, SINGLE-USE BATTERIES, LIGHTBULBS, TVs or COMPUTER MONITORS. The landfill will not accept these items – we will be charged $. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THESE FOR US TO DISPOSE FOR YOU as it becomes an inconvenience to those that are volunteering their valuable time and effort. We surely do not want our program to end due to non-compliance of the E-waste Program. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


You may leave TVs and computer monitors on your curbside on your trash pick-up days.


Suggestions for -working/still useable items:

  • Working computer monitors can be taken to UpTech Computers on Gulf Gate Drive.
  • Working TVs can be dropped off at any thrift shop or ReStore (Habitat for Humanity).
  • Single-use batteries can be dropped off at Batteries Plus or D&G Hardware (Ace Stores).
  • Lightbulbs can be dropped off at Lowes or Home Depot, especially if they are CFLs or fluorescent bulbs.


2) WAX MUSEUM - Thursday, February 8th 9:30am-10:30am in Auditorium: PARENTS INVITED


The children are looking forward to showing you their project at the Wax Museum, Thursday, February 8th at 9:30am-10:30am in the Auditorium. We do hope you can be there to support our students. You do not have to stay for the whole period but we would love to see you if you can make it.

Our wax figures will be stood around the Auditorium like statues and will ‘come alive’ and talk to visitors, describing their life story to whoever deposits a coin in their collection tin.

Bring lots of COINS to drop into the money box in front of as many students as you can get around to. As you walk around, be mindful of any child that does not have an adult to deliver their speech to and please drop a coin in their box so they can ‘come to life’ and tell you their life story. At the end, you guess who they are and they will tell you if you do not know. All monies collected are saved and put toward our end of year field trip, to lower the cost.


-Send them to school on Thursday, 8th with the following 3 items:

1) Please make sure their costume is ready for Thursday and that they arrive at school already dressed in their costume that day.

2) Please also send them with a bag of normal clothes to change into after the Wax Museum.

3) Please make sure they bring their decorated a tin can/small box, to sit on the floor in front of them to collect their money.

-Please bring lots of coins if you are attending and be on the look-out for any student who has no-one to present to. If you see a child with no-one to talk to please go up to them and drop a coin in their box. Feel free to ask them questions when they are finished if you wish. Thank you for supporting our 3rd quarter project.

Thank you.

3) POST OFFICE AM AND VALENTINES PARTY PM - Wednesday, February 14th

On February, 14th  we will be participating in the POST OFFICE as well as our Valentine's Party in the afternoon. 

Please send in their mailbox BY FRIDAY 9th AT THE LATEST

- Remember to write the proper zip code on sealed envelopes of ALL Valentines mail. Each student should purchase/make Valentines for every student in his/her homeroom.

-Students will need to address mail in sealed envelopes with the recipients’ first and last names and zip code.  


Tip: send the mail in on the 9th with your shoe box to avoid leaving it till the last minute. Any mail after the 13th cannot be accepted by the post office.

-the ZIP CODE for our class is 30104. Please see below zip codes of other classes participating:

Hershberger 20163

Tucak 30101

Wise 40165

Lenerz 50261

Kochenderfer 20164

Shea 30102

Maron 40166

Ross 50262

Jankovsky 20170

Bradly 30103

Burkett 40172

Barber 50263

Cookerly 20171

Abeysekera 30104

McKenzie 40173

White 50264

Kolsky 20166

Williams 30107

Myers 40266

Rader 50270


Singleton 30108

Simon 40268

Vitkus 50271



Delaney 40269

Wozniak 50272



Gieske 40106

Drown 50273


All specials teachers, Mrs. Rini and Dr. Covert– 40268

Custodial staff - 30106



4) PERAMATHON - Friday, February 16th 9:40am-10:40am

This is Pine View's version of a jogathon where children collect pledges for laps around the PV track. This is Pine View's biggest fund raiser and our whole school benefits from the funds raised.

PVA has organized wonderful prizes to encourage our students to take part. If we get 100% participation in our class, then our class wins a pizza party.

100% participation means every child in our class:

EITHER - pledge

makes a donation via the pledge envelope sent home (checks payable to Pine View Association) or online at www.thegetmovincrew.com (click 'Get Registered Parent Login'). All donations are 100% tax deductible.

 OR -T-shirt

buys a Peramathon T-shirt $12 or $15 on the day of the Peramathon (on sale at Auditorium Feb 12th -Feb 15th). They can of course do both if they wish. 

This is a fun morning for all our students. Note that children can walk if they do not wish to run.

This year the students do not need to record their laps as any pledges are just a flat pledge for participating. Please see the pledge envelope that was sent home.

Peramathon awards will be on April 6th at 1:45pm for all winners, including which classes have won a pizza party due to 100% participation.


Anyone wishing to volunteer should please email peramathon@yourpva.org


5) PRESIDENTS DAY (NO SCHOOL) - Monday, February 19th


6) SCHOOL HOUSE ROCKS JNR. AUDITIONS - Tuesday/Wednesday 20th/21st February

If your child is auditioning, please make sure they bring a packed lunch on those days. Call backs will be Monday, 26th.


7) SARASOTA JUNGLE GARDENS - Thursday, February 22nd

For this field trip, if you have PVV status, let me know if you would like a chaperone place. Please know there are no bus places and you will have to pay your entrance on arrival. 

8) SPRING PHOTOS - Wednesday, February 28th 9:30am

Flyers will be in the Agenda for Spring photos. They will be on Wednesday, February 28th but ONLY for students who are paying. If you would like your child to get a photo on this day then please return the flyer envelope. If you do not want a photo there is no need to return the envelope.




-RINGLING FIELD TRIP - Friday, March 23rd

For this field trip, if you have PVV status, let me know if you would like a chaperone place. Please know there are no bus places and you will have to pay your entrance on arrival.

-SPRING BREAK - Monday, March 26th-Friday, March 30th



-for every SSYRA book read with a AR test score of 70% or more,you earn a charm for a key chain or necklace.

-Read 5 SSYRA books and you are eligible to vote in the statewide balloting this spring AND you will receive an SSYRA certificate AND be invited to our SSYRA Reader's Party. 




At Open House we discuss:
- that the study guide for math is the Go Math student textbook lessons that are sent home every day when completed.
-you need to put these in a binder for your child to review from, for the end of chapter test. 
e.g. Chapter 1 consists of 8 lessons: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.  You would put each one in a binder AT HOME and that is your study guide.
-You can also see the student textbook lessons online in your child's Go Math! tile, in their MYSCS account online. Directions below:

MYSCS - click on this blue logo
login... n number and pin number (see the inside cover of their Agenda book)
click on each page label at the bottom of the screen until you get to the page with the Fusion Go Math! tile
click on the Fusion Go Math! tile
enter state, district (Sarasota), school, check 'Remember my school'
enter user -this is the n number...must put the n first (lowercase)
enter password- this is the pin number
click on My Library,

4 Options:

Option 1) click Go Math! Student Edition E book G4 - to view the text book:

-view the lesson pages

-view the Mid-Chapter Checkpoint QUIZZES-these grades go in the grade book

-view the Review Tests (always taken the day before the Chapter TEST). The Review Test grades do NOT go in the grade book. The purpose of going through the 'Review Test' together, is to remind yourself of what you forgot in readiness for the Chapter TEST the next day. 

-practice with the PERSONAL MATH TRAINER-when you are on a lesson page, on the left menu select Resources, lesson level resources, Personal Math Trainer, and it will give you practice questions for that lesson. Click on the whistle and off you go.


Option 2) click on Interactive Student Edition G4 - to view the lesson videos: actual lessons step by step. This is a great way to review each lesson with your child at home quickly each day. (Perfect if you need a refresher yourself!)

At the bottom of the screen, click on the red button to access the 'Personal Math Trainer' to test your understanding. Click on the whistle and off you go. Click on the 'step by step' button if you get stuck on a question for help. THE PERSONAL MATH TRAINER IS AN EXCELLENT WAY TO REVISE FOR TESTS.



Option 3) For QUICK review
click on Go Math Animated Math Models, Gr3 or Gr4 (be sure to select the Gr3 to practice for FSA and select the Gr4 to practice for chapter tests) THE FSA WINDOW IS CURRENTLY FROM MARCH 27-APRIL 27 FOR ELA AND APRIL 10-APRIL 28 FOR MATH. The state will be more specific with the dates nearer the time.
These are great 10 minute practices of all 50 math skills for grade 3 and 4 and each is followed by a small quiz -RECOMMENDED. Choose the section currently being studied and enjoy.


Option 4) click on the 'Math on the Spot' videos to view a video on only oneof the 'Think Smarter' questions from the math lesson for that day and see how to solve that ONE question only. These questions also have a Q reader icon next to them in the book. This icon means that you can scan it on your smart phone with a Q reader app, and see how to solve that ONE question only, on your phone. This has limited value as it is only for one of the questions in the lesson for that day.






login...N number and password

Click on Student Textbooks at bottom of page

Click on Reading Wonders tile

Click on Reading Wonders Grade 4 book COVER

Click on Resources at the top of the page

(The Agenda notes will say which Unit and Week is being studied that week and is tested on that Friday. For example, Unit 1 Week 1 starts on a Monday and is tested on the Friday so each night students go online at home to review the Reading Wonders lesson that day so that they have reviewed it all by Friday. The first few lessons of the week are from the Workshop book and the last few lessons of the week are from the Anthology book. The comprehension and vocabulary test is at the end of the week on the Friday and the spelling test is the following Monday. )

View the Workshop book lessons: vocabulary/spelling, Shared Read, 4 mini lessons

and view the  Literature Anthology book lessons-Long Read encompassing all that was learned in the Workshop book. 

If you click the Workshop book, click the pages forward to get to the contents page. Find the Unit and Week we are studying (as noted in the Agenda). While you are looking at the contents page for the correct unit being studied that week, click on the blue title of the 'Shared Read' story. Turn pages back to view the vocabulary/spelling and forward to view the four mini lessons which are tested as part of the Friday RW Comprehension and Vocabulary Test. The 4 mini lessons are: Comprehension Strategy, Comprehension Skill, Genre, Vocabulary Strategy.

If you click on Literature Anthology, click the pages forward to get to the contents page. Find the Unit and Week we are studying (as noted in the Agenda) and click on the story title. This takes you straight to the correct page in the book. Carefully re-read this story which they are tested on, in the Friday RW Comprehension and Vocabulary Test.




Note that you just hover your cursor over the list of lessons on the left side of the page in order to view another lesson other than lesson 1. Once you click the lesson you want, the words for your chosen lesson automatically pop up and you will hear each one being pronounced and defined. 


This is the site to log onto on your phone or computer to see your child's AR points etc. Please bookmark the following site:


Login as follows:

User:          nXXXXXX

- this is your child's n number. BE SURE TO USE A LOWERCASE 'n' for their n number.

Password:   XXXXX

- this is your child's pin number

Both the n# and pin# are located on the inside front cover of their Agenda.

This way you can keep a check on how your child is doing in AR!








login...N number and password

click on each page label at the bottom of the screen until you get to the page with the I-Ready icon and click on it and do a Math lesson and a Reading lesson.




Go Math Science Fusion tile (it houses the Go Math and Science Fusion)
log in with n###### and pin ##### (be sure to write the 'n' first)
My Library
Science (at the bottom of the black library tab on the left) it lights up in yellow when you hover over it
Science Fusion Student Access English Grade 3 (note we do not do grade 4 for science)
Units are listed and if you click on one of the units, the videos are listed below.
For VIDEO LESSON VIEWING: Hit the play arrow button for each video (no need to click on the items on the right unless your child is interested in it)
For TEXT BOOK VIEWING: Under the 'Unit Level Resources' tab on the right, hit the orange 'Online Student Edition'. You will see the whole unit there.




9:15 AM-9:30 AM

Prime Time and Cursive



9:30AM-10:50AM Math 80
10:50AM-11:50AM Lunch 60
11:50AM-12:10PM Story Time 20
12:10PM-12:30PM Correct Prime Time+Homework 20
12:30pm-1:15PM Reading 45
1:15PM-1:40PM Language Arts 25
1:40PM-2:00PM Vocabulary 20
2:00PM-2:55PM Specials 55
2:55PM-3:45PM Social Studies/Science 50

*First Quarter Specials: alternate daily between PE and Tech.

*Second Quarter Specials: alternate daily between PE and Music.

*Third Quarter Specials: alternate daily between PE and Spanish.

*Fourth Quarter Specials: alternate daily between PE and Art.

*Social Studies switches with Science. So there are only 4 weeks for a Social Studies unit and 4 weeks  a Science unit. This is why these two subjects have less grades than Math and ELA.

*Library time is every other Thursday. Children may go to the library by themselves, before 9:10 am every day or at lunch time with a pass. 


There are many areas to the website that I know you will find great value in. One of the best features of the new site is the ability to change my page design in an instant. My goal is to make the website not just a tool for me, as the teacher, to connect with parents, but also a learning tool and resource for the students.



PRIMARILY via your child's AGENDA BOOK!

If it is a longer message, please feel free to email me at:


Best Regards,

Ms. Mini Abeysekera, Pine View School, Grade 3, Room 104.


 3rd Grade Rocks!heart